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In my opinion, I do not think television is a democratic media, as we all know that, nowadays all those big firms only care about money, in order to get sponsor from the advertisers, they have to make sure to attract as many audiences as they can, so some strategies will be used. For example, we have discussed a lot about the American Idol show, this show would let audiences decide who will be the next American idol and get more involved during the show, and as a way to attract audiences to keep watching. However, the real power is controlled by the advertisers and producers; they put what made them earning the most money on the television, the involvement
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Unformatted text preview: of audiences is just help to advertise the show since many of them would discuss the show on blogs, forums and with friends, and this is exactly what the advertisers want. The television media is trying to be democratized and give what the audiences want, but in fact, I believe sometimes people watch television not because they want to watch special show or drama, they only want to watch TV after dinner with their families, or they believe during the prime time, what is on the channel must be good. Therefore, people do not have choices, they have to choose watching it or not, and it shows that democracy of television media is not exiting today....
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