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discussion 8 - provides a good educational broadcast to...

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I agree that there is still a room for PBS, and this is necessary for us too since it contained different information from the commercial broadcast. For example, there is a PBS kids, which is especially educating the kids with cartoon, and let them have a interesting way to learn. I think this is a really meaningful program since there are so many commercial broadcasts today and they always contained sexual and violence content to attract audiences in order to gain maximum profit, and kids love to watch television and they are too small to decide what is right and wrong, so the PBS kids
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Unformatted text preview: provides a good educational broadcast to kids. Not only for kids, PBS also provides broadcasts about history, sports and public affairs, etc, and they all are neutral and educational, so there still remains a legitimate rationale for the government set aside a percentage of available bandwidth for public service programming, because we can not only expose to the entertainment broadcast like gossip girls, meanwhile we need to know about everything around us and what is happening everyday, so I believe the existent of public service programming is necessary....
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