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discussion 9

discussion 9 - followed the fashion norms he tried to do...

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From the documentary that we watched in class, I noticed that designers are not as liberal as I thought, as Lik has mentioned, designers want to express their own ideas; however, they are restricted by the fashion trends and norms, also the critics would matter to their successes as well. Especially for Isaac, I think his subjectivity and the political subversion have totally driven him. He is the one who really has his own thought and he tried to do something what he really want and did not care about the fashion norms, therefore it proved that his previous collection was not well accepting by the public. Under that pressure, some restrictions applied to his designs, he
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Unformatted text preview: followed the fashion norms, he tried to do something that the public like, so he had to subvert some of his original ideas to avoid the harsh judgments from the critics, but still he remained part of his own thought on his designs. People love to see something different, but they may not accept something which is totally new for them, and many designers like Isaac, their designs have to base on the fashion norm, and meanwhile bring some different elements base on that norm, and I believe that is the rule of the fashion world....
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