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Wan Na Tai Blog post 1

Wan Na Tai Blog post 1 - Starr and Christopher Waterman...

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Music has became part of our lives, it is everywhere, like listening to the radio during driving, having the iPods with us whenever we want, and even there is music when we are having meals in restaurants. Sometimes, we do not really know what are we listening to, not even the message that each song trying to deliver, and we just know it is music which can entertain us. We definitely should listen to the music critically and understand the meaning behind it, and this is what the Larry Starr and Christopher Waterman stated in the book. The chapter 1 from “American Popular Music from Minstrelsy to MP3” by Larry
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Unformatted text preview: Starr and Christopher Waterman mentioned about few themes, such as listening, music and identity, music and technology, music business and centers and peripheries. From those, I have strong feeling with the music and identity, I specific like certain songs in certain periods, for example, when I was depressed because of heartbroken, sad songs can really tell my feeling and let me feel myself in the songs. When time goes by, the sadness might fade out, but when I listen to those songs again, those can recall my memories, so in my opinion music can represent us in different periods....
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