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In 1877, the first phonograph invented by Thomas Alva Edison, in the beginning it was not that popular due to its high production cost, so “the purchase of a phonograph for the home parlor was a symbol of upward mobility” (Starr and Waterman, 38). Although not every household can afford the phonograph, but “the popularity of phonographs increased steadily before World War I. it has been estimated that by 1904 one out of every twenty- two households in United States had a phonograph” (Starr and Waterman, 38). From those, we can get to know due to the technology, there were difficulties and limitations that music can only play on a big machine in the home parlor, also how popular music emerged to the American culture and became usual to everyone. Beside that, the “nickelodeon” was invented in 1890s, which is still in some restaurants and public places nowadays, they remind us the development of popular
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Unformatted text preview: music and how the technology has advanced the music network and also benefited us. The phonograph is a really meaningful step in the development of popular music, from the phonograph in nineteenth century to nowadays, almost all of us are having a mp3 player with us everyday, and it seems so common and as a essential in our daily lives. More than that, the technology helps us to get closer to different kind of music, some music we may never have a chance to know, but through internet, we can download and youtube even they are worldwide, there is no distance between us and them, and “record music has become a medium by which people who will never meet face to face communicate with one another over wide geographical and cultural distances, and this an important basis for creation of a distinctively American culture” (Starr and Waterman, 39)....
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