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The chapter 12 of Leroi Jones’s “Blue People” is discussing Negroes and how they struggle with the unfair treats, African Americans have seen as minority due to their skin color, and that is the thing they can not change, so they work harder than anyone and want to get accepted in the society. Just like what Jones said “It was not that a Negro was uneducated or vulgar or unfit for the society which determined why he was not accepted into it, it was the mere fact that he was a Negro. No amount of education, taste, or compromise would alter that fact" (Jones, 185). People did not agree to what they did, and they never got any compliment and credit for that, but they never give up, not only for work, but also for music, and they believe the day of equality will
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Unformatted text preview: come in some days. I think that is one of the reasons how black music can emerge as “hip hop” nowadays, the music which expresses themselves and their cultures, also if they did not go through all those, then black music is not as same as today’s. For me, I am an Asian and I love Hip Hop music, I know discrimination sill exist today, but I do think music can minimize the discrimination, like Hip Hop has became one of the most popular music, and many African Americans rappers have became famous and successful in their careers, lots of whites are their fans and admire them. Good music can inspire others no matter what their skin colors are and let everyone become closer to each other, so I do believe the dream of African Americans will come true in some days....
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