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Wan Na Tai week 8 Blog

Wan Na Tai week 8 Blog - but also is an only way to bring...

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In Charles Mingus’s Beneath the Underdog, Mingus uses three different voices to express himself, and I think he uses that way to cover few different aspects in his life. In his autobiography, I can feel his angry and loneliness, with the middle color skin that he has, he is not accepted by Blacks due to his light skin, but at the same time he is not accepted by Whites because they view him as Black. That generates loneliness to Mingus, he confuses where should he belong to, seems like he belongs to nowhere, and he is angry with the stereotype of all races and skin colors in this society, that limits him from fairness, the fairness that everyone could have, but not him. However, music as a way for Mingus to escape from all these, music not only can relieve him,
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Unformatted text preview: but also is an only way to bring him to “The Colorless Island”. Any of us would also have a depressed moment and encounter challenge at least once in our lives, during those moments, we also feel angry, lonely, and even sad. Sometimes, no one can help us except ourselves, just like Mingus finds music as his solution, so music is just a good friend in anytime when we don’t not have someone to talk to and someone to understand us, despite we do not talk to music, it let us express all the loneliness and sadness, and we feel the comfort it brings to us. I believe music is not only an escape and a fit- in place for Mingus, but also for all of us, and as a way to get all of us to our “Dream Island”....
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