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The radio repeat hit songs system is found in 1950s, and still remains today, during that time, Todd Storz found out teenagers liked to repeat a specific song they like in jukeboxes, so he decided to choose forty hits song and played over and over on his radio program. Nowadays, we always listen and pay attention to the Top 10 songs, and we can easily listen to them through radio because the radio channels keep playing hit songs repeat and repeat, also I think it is a really good medium for us to know what is the newest and most hit songs and that can target the teenagers market as well. Teenagers have been targeting as most potential consumers for music, especially teenager girls, as we have watched some videos in class, those female fans were going to crazy, like shouting as loud as they can, chasing the bus, and even
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Unformatted text preview: crying when they saw their idols. I think the obsession and enthusiasm from teenagers are unique, and those are the motivated energy for them, as the pop-up of teen culture, many music firms have noticed that and directed the mainstream of music to attract more teenagers. That is the reason why there are so many advertised singers today; they are packaged as good- looking and fashionable since teenagers are easy to be attracted by these elements. However, I think the pure music that the singers want to bring out and express have neglected, they can not do what they really want to due to the limitations, so they are forced to be more commercial in order to gain the support from the most potential consumers, which are teenagers....
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