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Corrido is a Mexican ballad and they express their feelings and ideas, such as happiness, pains and confusing etc. The corridor seems like to be the language of people, it records different moments, and it is a storytelling. Through the corridor, we know how the people felt during specific period. Corrido began with the Mexican War of Independence, so during that time, the ballads were full of fights and wars, and it represented the history of Mexico, to nowadays, it usually about love story, drug trafficking and immigration. I think music is necessary for everyone in every culture, since I am a Chinese and not know nothing much about the Mexican music, but one thing I do believe is every
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Unformatted text preview: culture has their own “ballad”, like we had discussed lots about the African American work songs, those are representing their history and tradition, also in my home country Hong Kong, there is some folktales those have been viewed as tradition and really can represent our own culture through their storytelling. In my generation, we don’t listen to them anymore, but almost all of us did know about it since they are the tradition of Hong Kong, and sometimes we will have chances to listen to them in some TV shows. Here is a link to a Hong Kong folktale: http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=Zc4W0bnI068&feature=related...
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