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Wan Na Tai week 11 Blog

Wan Na Tai week 11 Blog - world stood out to support Selena...

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Selena has been a legend for Mexican American singers; her success influences other Mexican Americans, since she was so famous with her Tejano music and named as The Queen of Tejano music. Her tragedy surprised the society during that time, and thousands of mourners attended to her funeral. Although there was still stereotype among the Mexican Americans, and their music did not totally accept by others, such as Howard Stern made some really awful negative comments on Selena’s music and even the music taste of Mexican Americans. Many people came out and support Selena, and Stern finally made a apology in Spanish to calm down the issue, so from this, I can tell there is no boundaries for music, people from different corners of the
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Unformatted text preview: world stood out to support Selena, the stereotypes were vanished and the reason they did it because they had been touching from Selena, her Tejano music. I have never exposed to Tejano music, and throught the “Remembering Selena, Re- Membering Latinidad”, Selena’s success made me really curious of Tejano and I found a link which is her famous song “Como La Flor”, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXqwO9ZsPLc , she actually induced the Latino music to America culture and let others know more about their Tejano music, so I believe she is not only the queen of Tejano, but also is a hero for all the Mexican Americans....
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