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Wan Na Tai week 12 Blog

Wan Na Tai week 12 Blog - for every teen girl like...

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“Teenybopper”, this has became more common in nowadays and from the video that posted by Professor Kun on Tuesday, we can tell the teenager singer Justin Bieber who is only sixteen and becomes the idol among many teenyboppers. the song “Baby” which is a really popular song from Justin Bieber, and the story of the song is about first love, during the video, I can see the youngest girl is only around ten years old, and I totally do not think she understands what love is, but I do agree that music is a way of learning sexuality, like the teen girls will know more about the first love and imagine about their own ones. In the original music video, Justin met the girl he like in a bowling place, and shows that how they check each other out, get to know each other, and finally they are holding hands together. I believe this is total ideal first love
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Unformatted text preview: for every teen girl, like teenagers love hanging out in bowling places and this song totally suits their feeling, so it provides a big fantasy for teen girls and not only about the song and story, appearance and outlook do matter to teen girls too, they love good looking, cool and talent guys, so this is the reason why Justin has to dress like an adult and dance like a cool guy to attract more teenyboppers. Once the teenyboppers obsessed with the idol, they can do anything for their idol, like chasing them everywhere to support, screaming as loud as when they see their idol, and the most important is they will purchase all the CDs and products of their idol. Teenyboppers have become the target for the whole music market because they are the only ones who have the enthusiasm and fantasy with their own idol....
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