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On Tuesday lecture, we watched the new video of Lady Gaga and Beyonce, to be honest, I am pretty shocked with the music video, I know Lady Gaga is famous with her outstanding outfits and exaggerate make up, but I am not expected she would only wear a bra and t- back in her music video, but her music video is successful with catching my attention and make me want to watch it over again which I really did when I went back home, and I guess this is the ultimate goal for all the singers, they want more audiences to watch their music video, get to know more about them and their music. Lady Gaga’s outfits have been producing controversies and that is the
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Unformatted text preview: reason making her special and unique but on Tuesday lecture some classmates argued that her songs do not sound any different. However, I think Lady Gaga just use her dressing as a way to express herself, she is definitely an avant garde and being dare enough to illustrate some issues, and she wants to bring out the issues which we have neglected and unconcern, such as lesbians. I believe that Lady Gaga will be a remarkable trend in music history and she may bring out her style and influence the music trend....
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