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discussion assignment 1 - Wan Na Tai Professor Thomas...

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Wan Na Tai Professor Thomas Douglas Comm 202 Discussion Section Assignment #1 2/8/2010 Addiction of online games Technology has advanced rapidly from day to day, E-mail, MSN messenger, Facebook, they are all the internet communication method for people around the world nowadays. Beside those, online games are really popular among teenagers nowadays, it is easy to start the games, and all you need is to have internet access, they can play it at home or internet café right after school and it is a connection between them and their friends. If many of their friends are playing the online game, they are more likely will play the game as well because they do not want to be isolated and it seems a common topic among them. However, playing online game in spare time and weekend would be consider an entertainment, but playing the game all day without eating and resting is known as being addicted and not only affect their health but also their academic grades. Nowadays, many online game players are having that situation and make their families worried. There is one of the famous online games called World of Warcraft (WoW), it
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discussion assignment 1 - Wan Na Tai Professor Thomas...

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