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Wan Na Tai Professor Thomas Douglas Comm 202 Discussion Section Assignment #2 3/3/2010 Experience with the Second Life This is my first time to play a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), and it is not as easy as I thought, but it can not be said as hard to start the game for new players. First of all, I found the graphic design of Second Life is fantastic, although everything is based on a virtual world, but they look so realistic in the game, and it provides reality to me. Second, I can communicate to whoever I want and participle to any group activity if I want, I seem being more active and talkative during the game because no one really knows who I am and I do really need to care how others fell about me. The last but not least, I can trade my own property to others, and in Second
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Unformatted text preview: Life, there even has Well Fargo to provide financial service, that makes me feeling the game is so real. Although it is my first time of playing MMOG, but I am so surprised by the advanced technology which produces such a realistic online game, and it is really different from the actual world, so maybe that is a escape from reality, because in the actual world, people will judge you by your outlooks, personalities and social status, but in Second Life, everyone seems so fair and that is also the reason why we got so many online players nowadays. The address of Second Live free trial: http://secondlife.com/support/downloads/...
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