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Wan Na Tai Professor Thomas Douglas Comm 202 Discussion Section Assignment #4 4/19/2010 Surveillance CCTV is often used for surveillance, especially in some areas those need monitoring, for example, banks, airports, convenience stores and casino, etc. The reason of having CCTV in those areas because those areas often involve money and have high percentage of crime occur such as robbery, so CCTV is a way to secure everyone because people will be more aware of their behaviors under surveillance, and this can prevent people from committing crimes. CCTV is not only for monitoring people behaviors to prevent crimes, but also it can trace the record if necessary, many criminal cases are depended on CCTV records. Nevertheless, the
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Unformatted text preview: CCTV technology can also protect people from injuries; for example, having a CCTV system on a subway train can allow the operator of the train to ensure people are clear of doors before closing them and start the train. Although many people argue that having CCTV around them is invading their privacy, especially the number of CCTV is increasing nowadays, and they think they are monitoring by cameras in everywhere, however without the CCTV technology, I believe the world will become a mess; people do not need to be responsible for their behaviors and CCTV is such a tool to keep our place more peaceful....
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