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Study tips - -Study the online quizzes Most of the students...

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Test taking tips from NTR 306 students who scored As on exams : - Begin studying at least 4-5 days and preferably 1 week in advance of test. Most students in class studied a week in advance of the exam, but some students studied less (2-5 days in advance). - Work through the review sheet 2-3 days in advance after studying the lecture notes/ objectives. All students wrote down answers to review questions individually or in groups. - Study in short sessions (1-2 chapters at a time). All students studied about 1- 2 hours segments and then took frequent breaks. - Read the book on sections covered in class. Most students read the text before or after the lecture. - Study the objectives Most students studied the objectives while reviewing the notes for the exam.
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Unformatted text preview: -Study the online quizzes. Most of the students printed / studied the quizzes after each chapter, but some students took the quizzes just prior to the exam-Attend class. Most students felt that attending class regularly was helpful.-Study with a friend. Several students compared their lecture notes with other students. Several students formed small study groups a couple of days before the exam.-Review the animations repeatedly. Several students thought that the animations were very helpful in understanding the course content.-Make note cards. Several students made note / flash cards and either quizzed themselves or had friends quiz them....
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