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ACT 75 - Alex Fish ACT 7-5 Determine the Facts Cleaver is...

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Alex Fish ACT 7-5 Determine the Facts: Cleaver is acting misallocating the funds for the computers. He is acting unfairly in this matter. This could be caused by some bad budgeting issues, but the most prevalent issue is the how the school district needs to fairly allocate its funds, including paying for computer literacy so the equipment it has already purchased is being used to its full capacity. Identify the Stake Holders: Clarence Cleaver, the decision maker, is a stake holder, he could easily lose his job if this issue remains unsolved. The principal of both west and east valley high schools are both important stakeholders. It’s their responsibility to make sure they get the proper funding for their students and their educations. Also the students are stakeholders. They should be treated fairly in an impartial system that does not favor one high school over the other. Finally, the taxpayers are the most important stakeholder because it’s their money that is getting misallocated or abused in this situation. Identify the Ethical Issues: Obviously the ethical issue in this situation is that taxpayer funds are
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