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Alex Fish BLAW – Chapter 10 (Product Negligence) Theories of Liability for Defective Products Generally speaking, a plaintiff must show that a product was defective, and that the defect existed when the product left the defendant’s control Manufacturing Defect: When a product is defective, but the majority of identical products made under the same process are not defective, just a “bad batch” Design Defect: When all products of a particular design are defective and dangerous Failure to provide adequate warnings: when a product can be dangerous in certain ways but does not adequately warn its users Negligence in Product Liability: To win this type of case, a plaintiff must prove the same four elements: duty, breach of duty, causation, and damages. Negligent Failure to Warn: A plaintiff would need to show that the defendant knew or should have known that without a warning, the product would be dangerous in its ordinary use, or in any reasonable foreseeable use, and the defendant still failed to provide a warning. o No duty to warn exists for dangers arising either from unforeseeable misuses or from obvious dangers. o For medical and cosmetic products causing adverse reactions, a plaintiff must show that their bad reaction to the product is one suffered by a decent sized group, that the defendant should have known about the group, and that they are a part of the group
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BLAW - Chapter 10 - Alex Fish BLAW Chapter 10 (Product...

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