BLAW - Exam 1 - So how should you address an ethical...

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So how should you address an ethical situation? Identify the issue(s) and stakeholders, Identify the applicable principles & values, Discuss the available options, Evaluate the consequences of each alternative in light of the corresponding ethical theories that apply, Reach a decision that is consistent with this analysis. Stakeholders Owners or shareholders Employees Customers Management The general community where the firm operates Future generations Assault: fear or apprehension, immediate, offensive, bodily contact Battery: intentional, unwanted, offensive, bodily contact Defamation: intentional, false statements, harmful to reputation. Slander per se: statements so harmful they automatically constitute damages Defenses: truth, privilege, public figure Privacy Torts False light, public disclosure of private facts, commercial gain from use of someone’s identity, intrusion into someone’s seclusion False Imprisonment: physical restraint, physical force, threatening to use physical force, refusal to leave property Intentional Infliction of Emotional distress: intentional and outrageous conduct that freaks someone out Misuse of legal procedure: malicious prosecution, wrongful civil proceedings, abuse of process
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Trespass to realty: entry without permission, puts stuff on other’s land, refuses to leave, refuses to move stuff they placed on land, liable for damage caused on property Private Nuisance: using property that harms someone else’s use of property Trespass to personalty: taking control of another’s property, interferes with owner’s rights to property
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BLAW - Exam 1 - So how should you address an ethical...

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