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Guaranteed to be on the final, first question, wants to see all five things listed, what you conclude ethically isn’t important, just the structure. Ethical Analysis: So how do we address an ethical situation? 1. Identify the issue(s) and stakeholders, 2. Identify the applicable principles, values 3. Discuss the available options, 4. Evaluate the consequences of each alternative in light of the corresponding ethical theories that apply 5. Reach a decision that is consistent with this analysis. What are the elements for the following Intentional torts:
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Unformatted text preview: (1) Assault (2) Battery (3) Appropriation for Commercial Gain (4) Nuisance (5) Unfair competition What are the elements of a negligence claim? How is a negligence claim different than a strict products liability claim? What is the Assumption of the Risk Doctrine and what is it used for? What are the different types of damages available to a plaintiff? What is a quasi-contract and when is it applicable? What is the mailbox rule and how is it applied? How are damages calculated for a breach of a construction contract?...
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