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Alex Fish Chapter 1 Human Geography focuses on how people make places, how we organize space and society, how we interact with each other in places and across space, and how we make sense of others and ourselves in out locality, region, and world. Globalization is a set of processes that are increasing interactions, deepening relationships, and heightening interdependence without regard to country borders. Physical Geography is the study of physical phenomena on Earth Spatial Distribution is the physical location of geographic phenomena across space. Pattern is the design of spatial distribution Pandemic is a worldwide outbreak of a disease Epidemic is a regional outbreak of a disease Spatial Perspective is observing geographic phenomena across space The Five Themes are derived from special perspective of geography Location highlights how the geographical position of people and things on the Earth’s surface affects what happens and why. Location theory is an element of contemporary human geography that seeks answers to a wide range of questions, both theoretical and practical Human-Environment interactions is the second theme Region: phenomena are not evenly distributed on earth. Instead features tend to be concentrated in particular areas, which we call regions. Place: all places on the surface of the earth have unique human and physical
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Geo - Chapter 1 - Alex Fish Chapter 1 Human Geography...

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