Geo Urban Field Exercise

Geo Urban Field Exercise - Alex Fish 3 We found a few...

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Unformatted text preview: Alex Fish 3. We found a few churches. They were mostly located on University Avenue, between 31 st street and about 34 th Street, being on the southern side of the street along with a gas station. They was one called Trinity Lutheran Church. Also, there was a Lutheran Services center, as well as a Christian church center. This suggests that in the nearby residential areas, there is a decently large sense of religion among the populace. This could mean local crime rates because of the sense of morality that comes with religion. 4. Drake University obviously decided to build West Village, but I think it was very necessary, considering they had to put some sophomores in there to accommodate increased numbers in the dorms at Drake. Accomodating for more students to live at Drake can increase the student body size, as there is more room. 5. Neither. Drake University is the center of the area, so the surrounding area develops into something to fulfill the needs of the Drake community. This is why there is cheap housing, comvenience stores, and fulfill the needs of the Drake community....
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