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1. According to one of the world's largest publishers, it was unprepared for recent increases in the demand for books about personal security. If the publisher had _____, it would have been prepared for the increase in demand. Student Response Correct Answer Feedback 1. shifted funds from its product development department 2. noticed changes in ethnic composition 3. tracked environmental trends as a part of its ongoing operation 4. noticed changing demographics 5. created an operational plan General Feedback: Text page 70 Identifying and interpreting potential trends in the market is important. If the publisher had tracked environmental trends they may have noticed that consumers now have an interest in personal security. Instead the publisher was unprepared for the increase in demand. Environmental scanning is a good way to prevent such a mistake. Score: 1/1 2. Which of the following is an example of the legal/regulatory environment surrounding advertising and promotional activities of businesses? Student Response Correct Answer Feedback 1. the Federal Trade Commission 2. the Lanham Act 3. the Sherman Antitrust Act 4. the Consumer Product
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Student Response Correct Answer Feedback Safety Commission 5. the Robinson-Patman Act General Feedback: Text page 89 A. The Federal Trade Commission closely monitors the promotional and advertising aspects of marketing. The FTC is concerned with deceptive or misleading advertisements and unfair business practices. B. The Lanham Act provides for the registration and protection of company trademarks. C. The Sherman Antitrust Act forbids contracts, combinations, or conspiracies in restraint of trade and actual monopolies or attempts to monopolize any part of trade of commerce. D. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is tasked with monitoring product safety and establishing uniform product safety standards. E. The Robinson-Patman Act declares that it is unlawful to discriminate prices charged to different purchasers of the same product, when the effect of the act is to substantially lessen competition or help create a monopoly. Essentially this means that price discrimination, charging one price to buyer A and a different price to buyer B, is illegal. Score: 1/1 3. One reason some people don't like to buy clothing from Internet retailers is the inability to know if the clothes will fit once they have arrive at your house. ImageTwin has developed a scanning system with which it has gathered the measurements of individuals of all different sizes. All of the information has been fed into a database. Now, when you buy something at LandsEnd.com, you can see a 3D image of what the item should look like on your body. ImageTwin's new system represents an example of _____ forces in the marketing environment. Student Response
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