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Program: eMBA EMBA N605 Statistics for Executives Case Study 2 Due Date: April 25, 2010 Instructions: 1. You may work in groups of 6 students. 2. This assessment will count 35% (Part I – 10%, Part II – 10%, and Part III – 15%) towards your final mark for this course.
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Young Professional Magazine Young Professional Magazine was developed for a target audience of recent college graduates who are in their first 10 years in a business/professional career. In its two years of publication, the magazine has been fairly successful. Now the publisher is interested in expanding the magazine’s advertising base. Potential advertisers continually ask about the demographics and interests of subscribers for Young Professional. To collect this information, the magazine commissioned a survey to develop a profile of its subscribers. The survey results will be used to help the magazine choose articles of interest and provide advertisers with a profile of subscribers. As a new employee of the magazine, you have been asked to help analyze the survey results. Some of the survey questions follow: 1. What is your age? 2. Are you: Male_______ Female________ 3. Do you plan to make any real estate purchases in the next two years? Yes_____ No_____ 4. What is the approximate total value of financial investments, exclusive of your home, owned by you or members of your household? 5. How many stock/bond/mutual fund transactions have you made in the past year? 6. Do you have broadband access to the Internet at home? Yes_____ No_____ 7. Please indicate your total household income last year. 8.
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Case_Study_2 - Program: eMBA EMBA N605 Case Study 2 Due...

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