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CSCI 323 FALL 09 HOMEWORK 8 OUT: NOV 16 (MON), DUE: NOV 23 (MON) Instructions: Submit your written solutions to questions 1, 2 and 3 at the beginning of class on Nov 23 (Mon), 5 pm. The Python file maxsums.py is due due on Nov 24 (Tue) at 11.59 pm (no late submissions accepted after that). 1. (Max-Flow Example) Textbook Chapter 7, Exercise 3. 2. (Scheduling Cooking Nights) Textbook Chapter 7, Exercise 15. Simply state what the vertices and edges are in the graph G . 3. (Hospital Assignment) Textbook Chapter 7, Exercise 9 We can solve this problem by solving the max-flow problem on a flow network G constructed as follows: There are two distinguished nodes s and t , along with n + k additional nodes: H 1 ,...,H k corresponding to the k hospitals and P 1 ,...,P n corresponding to the n injured people. (a) Specify the edges in the flow network along with their capacities. (b) Suppose the maximum flow on the network G has value v . What should the algorithm return? (i.e., How should the algorithm decide whether to return “possible” or “impossible”?)
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