MKT421 Week one Individual

MKT421 Week one Individual - 1 Defining Marketing Defining...

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1 Defining Marketing Defining Marketing Ani Bagumyan University of Phoenix MKT/421 - MARKETING BSAW0C0F91 02/09/10 REBECCA ROBBINS
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2 Defining Marketing Marketing is simply described as either buying or selling, or doing both in a market. Marketing helps to import goods from producer to consumer. The producers give these goods a desirable look, and sound to sell to consumers. A way to do this is to offer these goods in a positive way, so consumers may find it interesting and will buy these goods. These goods have to meet the requirements, or the needs of consumers. When consumers put a demand for these goods, they are bought and sold for a specific amount of money. A way to market is to advertise. These advertisements can be on any kind of goods. The marketing advertisements can be in newspapers, magazines, television and various kinds of ads that can be anywhere. The goal of these advertisements is to attract consumers. A way a consumer can be attracted to a product is by first marking these products with a low price. When a consumer enjoys such a product, they are willing to pay extra for it. Therefore this helps the producer to earn more money. Marketing is very important in the business world. Marketing serves as the promoting part of goods. A business needs to promote their items in order to attract consumers, and to get
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MKT421 Week one Individual - 1 Defining Marketing Defining...

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