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MCDB 50 Dr. Amy McWhorter Spring 2010 “How is this hESC policy ethically justified?” (90 pts) Assignment: Compose a 5 page (no more than 7!) ethical justification for an hESC policy at the level of the federal government. Outline the policy in broad strokes in the introduction (consider restrictive, moderate, compromise and permissive policies) and focus on providing a convincing ethical justification in the body of your essay. Include a conclusion and a list of references (in-text citations as well, of course; list of references is not included in the page limit and can immediately follow the conclusion – no separate page necessary). Introduction (18 pts): Does the introduction set up the problem in an interesting and clear way that motivates the reader to keep reading? The introduction should set up the problem – why does hESC research pose such a dilemma? Keep this part concise and powerful – don’t get bogged down in long descriptions of disease, case studies or statistics (however you choose to set up the issue). In addition, you should outline the
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