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PART I 2. For each of the items listed below, describe: (8 pts) i. ii. its function A) Signal Recognition Particle (SRP) i ) A complex of proteins and a single RNA species found in the cytoplasm, or attached to RER translocon if synthesis of a secretory protein is in progress. ii ) Recognizes and binds to the Rbs / mRNA / nascent polypeptide complex if a signal sequence is present. SRP binds to this complex and attaches to the translocon / SRP receptor on the ER.
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Unformatted text preview: B) Golgi Complex i) Series of disk-like flattened membrane cisternae and tubules with associated vesicles. Usually oriented adjacent to one side of the nucleus (perinuclear). ii ) Composed of functionally distinct compartments (CGN, MGN, TGN) where proteins are sorted, processed and packaged for transport to specific intracellular destinations. Page 3 Name ______________________________ Demo...
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