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EE103 Applied Numerical Computing Spring Quarter 2010 Professor Stephen E. Jacobsen ( [email protected] ) Office Hours: MW 2:30-3:30, 5:30-6:00 6288 Boelter Hall WEBsite: TAs Ms. Ling Peng ([email protected] ) Office Hours: M 1-2; F 2-3 Engr IV 66-144 Mr. Ni-Chun Wang ([email protected] ) Office Hours: Tu 4-5; W 1-2 Engr IV 66-144 Mr. Juo-Yu Lee ([email protected]) Office Hour: Th 2-3 Ms. Peng’s and Mr. Wang’s Office: Engr IV 66-144 Mr. Lee’s Office: Engr IV 53-125 WEBsite: In order to have complete access to the distributed materials of this course, each student of the class must have a SEASnet account . If you do not have a SEASnet account, you must apply at . Without a SEASnet account, you will not have access to
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Unformatted text preview: > Online Laboratory The “Online Laboratory” link redirects the student to the materials handout section at a different website, on a SEASnet machine; that is the reason for the need of a SEASnet account. When you have obtained access to, but cannot access the “Online Laboratory” link, make sure you have activated your SEASnet account. You can find instructions for activation at Office hours are also available at > View Course Info. Throughout the course, the Instructor and TAs will provide information to the class via email, using the students’ email addresses on URSA. It is each student’s responsibility to assure the email address on URSA is up-to-date and active....
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