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Basic Notions O(h), Rates-of-Convergence (base , n) floating point representation Round-off, subtractive cancellation Upper Bound on Relative Round-off Error (“eps”, “machine epsilon”) Taylor’s nth order Theorem, Approximations Root Finding Single equation of one variable: (Bisection, Fixed-Point Method, Newton’s Method, Secant Method) (Rates-of-Convergence) Linear Algebra Review Basic Facts of Numerical Lin Alg Bases, Linear Independence, Rank CGE for Solving Systems of Linear Equations
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Unformatted text preview: (“pivoting”) Jacobian, Hessian Matrices Taylor’s 1 st , 2 nd order Approx for functions of several variables LU Factorization Incomplete Gauss Elimination Recursive “Doolittle” LU Numerical Stability (Row Interchanges) Upper Bound on Relative Error Cond(A) Linear Least Squares Positive Definite Matrices Recursive Choleski Factorization QR Factorization Polynomial Interpolation and Approximation...
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