110_1_HW3 update and hints

110_1_HW3 update and hints - demand. b) Please find the...

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HW 3 hints (The due date is extended to Thursday) This is to share what I told in TA office hour so that other students may have equivalent opportunities to find solutions. Problem 3) The load in the problem includes only a resistor. That means we cannot use a condition for Max power transfer. (the load impedance equals the conjugate of Thevenin impedance.) However, we have another condition for max power transfer which can be used when we can only handle magnitude of load impedance and cannot handle angle of the load impedance (The condition is explained somewhere in the text book). Problem 4) a) PF penalty – a certain local utility charges a penalty of @0.33/kVAR for each kVAR above a benchmark value computed as 0.65 times the peak average power
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Unformatted text preview: demand. b) Please find the average reactive power which has 0$ penalty for a). c) with power consumption of the customer, please find annual penalty costs with the compensation policy. Please find which compensation is economical for the customer. Problem 5) The output voltages for (a) and (b) are definitively different from each other. It is your task to find why they are different. Problem 6 ) To find Zth for the given circuit, you need to apply Vin into the a-b ports, You need specify the voltage value. Then if you find a value for Vin/Iin, it is Zin which is Zth. Problem 7) Please see another page to check the change of the problem....
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110_1_HW3 update and hints - demand. b) Please find the...

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