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EE161, HW6 #1. A section of air filled S-band waveguide is shorted at both ends to form a rectangular cavity. If a=2.8in, b=1.3in and f=3GHz, find the length of section if it is to resonate in the TE 101 mode. Draw the variation of the H x component in three dimensions (x,y,z) #2. An air-filled rectangular cavity resonates in the TM
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Unformatted text preview: 111 mode at 13 GHz. If a=3cm, b=2.3cm, find the resonant frequencies of all the other cavity modes that are below 13GHz #3. (Textbook 8.43) A hollow cavity made of aluminum has dimensions a=4cm and d=3cm. Calculate Q of the TE101 mode for (a) b=2cm, and (b) b=3cm #4. Textbook 9.1 #5. Textbook 9.4...
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