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161_1_Midterm_2_2005 - Midterm Exam 2 of EE161 Fall 2005...

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Midterm Exam 2 of EE161 Fall, 2005 Name: _________________ Score : _______________ Problem #1. (25 points) Perfect Magnetic Conductor (PMC) is a counter-part of Perfect Electrical Conductor under the dual relationship of electric field and magnetic field. For PMC, it satisfies the boundary condition that the tangential magnetic field and normal electric field must equal to zero. For an air filled waveguide shown as below, the top and bottom of the waveguide is made of PEC, while the two sides are made of PMC. The dimensions are a=5cm, b=3cm. (a) Find the dominant mode propagating in this waveguide? (b) If this waveguide supports TEM mode, what is the characteristic impedance? (c) To keep the single-mode operation, how should one limit the operating frequency? (d) If the waveguide is completely filled with a medium with dielectric constant of 4, answer question (c) again. a b PMC PEC (a>b)
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Problem #2. (25 Points) A rectangular waveguide has a length a = 5cm and width b = 3cm. (1) Find the cutoff frequencies for the lowest four modes including both TM and TE
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