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AssignmentDescription-MSO - 115.107 Management Information...

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115.107 Management Information Systems Assignment Wednesday, February 03, 2010 115.107 Management Information Systems Internal Wellington, Internal Palmerston North and Extramural Assignment The assignment is marked out of 100 marks, distributed as noted below, and is worth 25% of your final grade Due on Monday, 19 April 17:00 Submit via Stream 3 (three) files: the database, the report, and a zip archive with the web site. For details on what exactly to submit, refer to the "Formatting and submitting the assignment" section on page 2 of this document and to the checklist at the end of this document (on page 8). Steps involved in submitting an assignment via Stream are covered in Module 1 exercises. Introduction How to approach this assignment The aim of this assignment is to test the knowledge and skills you gain by completing software exercises in modules 2 to 6 of this paper (over weeks 2 to 6). In the exercises you both learn new concepts and develop hands-on technology skills. You are expected to be working on the software exercises and on the assignment more or less simultaneously: acquire skills by doing software exercises and immediately apply them by completing the relevant parts of the assignment. Carefully complete the exercises It is impossible to fully understand what is required in the assignment (let alone, complete it) unless you carefully complete the exercises first. Before attempting Part 1 of the assignment, complete the relevant software exercises. Once you have attempted Part 1, complete the exercises relevant to Part 2. And so on. Take sufficient time (about 5 weeks) Skills acquisition takes time and practice. You do need about 5 weeks to complete the exercises and the assignment. Needless to say, attempts to cram 5 weeks' work into one week are unlikely to result in good outcomes. Expect to do and re-do most of the artefacts It is highly likely that you will revisit most of the assignment deliverables more than once. For example, as you work on the rest of the assignment, you are likely to gain a better understanding of both the meaning of ER notation and of the exact requirements for the ER diagram you complete in Part 1. Therefore, you would go back to Part 1, and adjust the ER diagram to reflect your better level of understanding. Expect to go over several versions of each artefact you create. Do not expect to "get everything right" on the first attempt.
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115.107 Management Information Systems Assignment Wednesday, February 03, 2010 Overview and rationale In the assignment, you will extend an ER diagram representing the structure of data describing a business domain (Part 1). Then, you will convert the ER diagram into relational tables which you will implement in a desktop database management system (Part 2). In Part 3, you will create queries and reports to extract data from the database and to format it. Then, in Part 4, you will analyse and present the data you extracted by using spreadsheet software. Finally, in Part 5, you will create a small Web
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AssignmentDescription-MSO - 115.107 Management Information...

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