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Module 8: Information systems management 1. Introduction In this lecture, we consider the IS department functions, senior IS department roles, data administrations and disaster recovery. As maintaining computing (IT) infrastructure is a major IS department function, we conclude by considering quality criteria for IT infrastructure. 2. IS department functions In a large enough organization, there would be a separate IS department concerned with information technology related issues. Functions of a typical IS department are summarized in the slide. They are: planning the use of information technology to accomplish the organization’s goals and strategy ; developing, operating, and maintaining the organization’s computing infrastructure; developing, operating, and maintaining enterprise applications; protecting information assets; and managing outsourcing relationships. 3. Senior IS department roles As a source of business intelligence, information may be extremely valuable for an organization. Business intelligence being a source of competitive advantage, there is a need to protect organizational information. Also, as information is used to achieve the organizational goals, there is a danger that it will be used illegally or unethically. This opens the organization to litigation and threatens its reputation and the reputation of brands it controls. Clearly, there is a need to manage access to information and the use of information. Chief Security Officer (CSO) or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is an organizational role concerned with managing information security throughout an organization. The role of CSO is focused on security policy development and management, while IT staff on the ground would use various security features of database and data warehousing software to implement the policy.
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Module 8: Information systems management 2 Chief Privacy officer (CPO) is an organizational role concerned with overseeing information use from legal and ethical perspectives. Finally, a Chief Information Officer is an
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Module_8_with_narration_text - Module 8: Information...

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