Chile inflation averaged 90 percent per year in the

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Unformatted text preview: nflation Country (Year) Highest Inflation Rate Greece (1944) Hungary (1946) Israel (1984) Bolivia (1985) Yugoslavia (19891994) Russia (1992) 8.5 billion percent 4.19 quintillion percent in one year 44 percent in one year 12,000 percent in one year 5 quadrillion percent for Oct. 1993Jan. 1995. 2520 percent in one year Source: Wikipedia. Selected Episodes of Hyperinflation Has the United States experienced hyperinflation? No, not for the whole country. However, during the Civil War, some cities in the Eastern Confederacy experienced inflation of more than 9000 percent between 1861 and 1865. Source: Wikipedia Key Terms money medium of exchange store of value unit of account currency checking deposit money supply Federal Reserve System (the Fed) bank Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) asset liability reserves required reserve ratio open market operation quantity equation of money velocity...
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