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David Robinson

David Robinson - elaborate and fancy They made her look...

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David Robinson “Another Part of the Forest” Oct. 16, 2007 700462107 Theater 101 2:00 PM I went to see Another Part of the Forest at the Gladys Davis Theatre on October 14 th . The play took place in the 1800’s, shortly after the Civil War. Marcus Hubbard profited from the war, and he was disliked because of that. His sons Benjamin and Oscar have inherited greed from their father, and he had a special love for his daughter, Regina. She was a conniving girl, who knew exactly what she wanted, and she wanted to marry John Bagtry. He is a man who is stuck in the war, and will do anything to go back. I think that the acting, itself, in the play was portrayed properly. They spoke the 19 th century language correctly. I believed that they were in the 1880’s. They way they spoke and the words they said made me feel like I was there. The costume designer also did a good job. Regina’s costumes were
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Unformatted text preview: elaborate and fancy. They made her look like the rich daddy’s girl. The boys costumes were didn’t really say much, they were boring. I also felt that the lighting wasn’t done that well. The lights stayed the same during day and night. You could not tell the difference, unless they actually told you it was morning. The lights did change the night of the party, so you did get the nighttime feel. Although the scenery was a good choice for the play, it was rather boring and basic. I thought the play would have been a little more interesting if the scenery would have changed more. In the end, the play was done very well. I thought it was interesting to see how people lived in the 1800’s. I would probably recommend this play to my parents, but not my friends.0020...
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