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Memo Date: December 5, 2008 To: Rachel Kennedy From: Olivia Figaretti Subject: Final Portfolio Honestly, I do not only want but I need an A in this class. I do not know what I currently have but I do not think I have that high of a grade. Really all I want is to able to apply for my major so that I am not yet another year behind. So can I have an A please? If that only worked right, I had to at least throw it out there. However, on a more serious note, I think English teachers should look more towards if their students come to class and get their assignments in on time because for some people writing is just not their thing. I do not think students should be penalized for not being a good writer; so therefore, the grades on the papers should be overlooked. I think as long as students give an effort and try, come to class and participate, and turn in their assignments, they should get an A. Especially in my case, I had a hard time with the genre paper, and I am worried that it is really going to affect my grade. It’s not like I got that D
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