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Jamie Mortakis 119 Film Title Music Box Essential Vision: The film deals with seeing the war in a different way that it is normally seen. The daughter wants to see her father innocent. The lawyer just wants to find the truth. She looks for every possinilty to get the truth and prove his innocence. Supporting References: Ann and her father are in the court room listening to a man testify of how her father killed his family and threw them into the river. Ann starts crying, while listening to Boday tell the story of how his seven year old son, and wife were shot in the head. After they heard the testimony Ann stood up and defended her father the best she could to continue to try to prove his innocence. Ann also tries to use anything she can do get the courts sympathy or to use it against the council. Mr. Burke's wife died in a car accident and he was accused of being the drunk driver of the car. As well as using her son in the court room to help her father appear more
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Unformatted text preview: innocent. She has her brother sit next to him on the bench to show that they are a happy family. Analysis of a Scene's Cinematic elements from the Film Music Box Shot of Scene Title "Rape Testimony" Shot or Scene Effect: Techniques of camera work, and the temperment in the court room Description of how cinematic techniques create specific effect: The camera did not immdeiately focus on the woman who was speaking, Melinda. They used a side view of both her and Mishka. It gave depth to the story she was telling, it let people hear the story, and not just focus on her. She spoke in a flat tone, with no embellishment on words. She did not need to embellish because the story was true, in this point everyone in the court room knew that he was guilty. We know Ann feels the same when she refuses to ask the witness any questions. The whole court room was in disbelief of what was being sad....
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