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COMM 1022 - Jamie Mortakis 001 Course Title Interpersonal...

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Jamie Mortakis 001 Course Title: Interpersonal Communication Positive and Negative Relationship Comparison Spring 2010 March 18, 2010
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considered friends, boyfriends, old friends and old boyfriends. I decided to go with my current boyfriend and ex-boyfriend. We will start with the ex; we were friends for a year and then dated for a little over two. Our relationship was over three years long; in those years we learned a lot about each other. Mostly I look back and feel our relationship was negative. He cheated on me a lot, which is why I think it was negative. There were positive times though. I think the relationship could have been positive if we would have just would have stayed friends. The boyfriend now is completely positive. We get along excellently. I really enjoy our relationship. We have been together for about six months. Our relationship is new, but a lot more positive then my previous relationship. In coming together the ex and I were neighbors. We initiated a relationship as friends. We got very close, and became best friends. We were together at the end of the school year and I went to the beach for the summer. Our first date was awkward, we had talked all day and by the time we got to dinner we really did not have much to say to each other, it was mostly eating in silence. We should have known then. I came back and things had changed. We started dating officially a couple months after I returned. I had high expectations for him, and he did not really live up to those. We intensified our relationship in this process. We became exclusive. Before we started dating, he was fun. We would go out and have a good time together. Then we started dating and he got boring. I started going out more, which made him angry and jealous. Then he found new girls to play with and broke
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COMM 1022 - Jamie Mortakis 001 Course Title Interpersonal...

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