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Jamie Mortakis Advertising 215 October 7, 2009 TiVo digital video recorder has multiple features that are really helpful for busy people. You can control TV by pausing, rewinding a part you missed, as well as fast- forwarding through commercials. TiVo lets you save eighty hours of shows at one time, and you can record two shows at once. The main advantage of TiVo is convenience. You have control, and you no longer have to schedule around your favorite show because you can record at anytime. Also you like more then one show at one time you can watch one record the other. Another advantage is how easy it is to use. The main disadvantage of TiVo is subscription fees. The box itself runs around 150 dollars, but once you purchase the box it’s only about 13 dollars a month. Which is cheaper then most of the other digital video recorder packages. I feel that a digital video recorder is a nice feature to have, especially for a college student or a person with a full time job. I know that there are nights where I have to study
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Unformatted text preview: and I would miss my shows if I did not have a digital video recorder. I also like the feature because I do not really like watching commercials, I do not mind watching them for the first time but after seeing them once I can do without seeing them again. I personally feel with in the next five years everyone will have a digital video recorder because it is all about the convenience. It is more convenient to watch the shows on your time. I feel digital video recorders are a huge disadvantage to advertisers. A person can fast-forward right through commercials. Advertisers are going to have to come out with other ways to get there products to viewers of television. There may be no difference though; some people will probably still watch commercials. I know when I record a show though I normally fast-forward through the commercials. The device is a disadvantage to advertisers. I am sure they feel the same....
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