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One incident that I have witnessed was during work. It was a Saturday night and we were really busy. It was to a point where the restaurant was full and there was a wait. I am a waitress at Cheddars and our back room is usually not open but this particular night it was. It just so happened that this black couple was sat back there and of course that happened to be my section for that day. As soon as I walked back to their table I could tell they either just weren’t very friendly or something was bothering them. The first thing that came out of their mouth was, “is there a reason we are sitting back here.” It kind of took me back but I was just simple like, “because there are open seats back here and we want to get everyone seated as soon as possible.” This situation made me feel a bit annoyed. I was annoyed because it made me think that some black individuals just automatically assume us “whites” are after them and that we don’t treat them fairly and that is not the case. Another incident is about out President, Barack Obama.
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