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social work

social work - Olivia Figaretti Response Paper The Holocaust...

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Olivia Figaretti Response Paper April 23, 2009 The Holocaust The event that I went to took place outside of the Mountainlair, a little after noon, under a white tent, on April 22nd. There were a lot of volunteers there helping out with setting up and passing out programs. There were a couple main speakers, a few songs played throughout the event, and there were times when the audience was able to give an opinion. The main purpose of this event was to speak the truth of how evil this once Holocaust was and related it to present times. They went over details about that time, how Hitler formed the Nazi group and was to kill off all Jews because he wanted the perfect world of blonde hair and blue eyes individuals. How it was such a discrimination act on innocent individuals. Also, how we, today, need to portray a good message and not turn towards violence. So many people still act upon racism and the speakers wanted to show the significance of what that could possibly lead to. I don’t think I really learned anything new; however, it refreshed my memory of information that I once learned a long time ago and forgot about and was sort of an eye opener. It made me think of how cruel of an act that was and how the world today portrays that in its own way sometimes, for example, the 911 attack and all the racism and discrimination still going on today. I think the root for the cause of the Holocaust was racism, itself. Even though an act that cruel has not happened in recent times,
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things less major still happen today dealing with racism. I know so many people who are still racist against African Americans and I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon. It’s just a matter as people having their own beliefs, passing them along through the family, and each generation sticking to that. My response to this event was that there are very liberal people out there who want to get their word across to others. For myself, I am not into that sort of thing and I don’t get excited to attend these events and would rather keep my opinion to myself. I think it is good that people stick behind their faith and beliefs and want to send a
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social work - Olivia Figaretti Response Paper The Holocaust...

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