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eng paper 3 - The Racism and Discrimination is Still Here...

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The Racism and Discrimination is Still Here Mary Louise Pratt defines a contact zone as “a social spaces where cultures meet, clash, and grapple with each other, often in contexts of highly asymmetrical relations of power, such as colonialism, slavery, or their aftermaths as they are lived out in many parts of the world today” (Pratt 501). This definition of a contact zone explains the Jena Six. In Jena, Louisiana the population is small with only about 14,000 people residing there. Of this population 85% of the people are white, and about 12% black. In Jena’s high school, there was a good amount of racial tension between the white and black kids. There social space was there school, the cultures met were black and white, and they clash because of skin color and then grapple because the kids can no longer handle how they are being treated. The Jena Six was an act of discrimination against young black boys; they were being discriminated against for hurting a white boy. Pratt and Gloria Anzaldua create conflicts between dominant and the minority of different cultures. Pratt uses Guaman Poma’s letter to the king to show us “the sociocultural complexities produced by conquest and empire” (Pratt 501). Poma’s letter, written in two languages, shows us that he was trying to talk the dominant culture into a “New Chronicle” as well as trying to make a “Good Government and Justice” system. He “combines a description of colonial society in the Andean region with a passionate denunciation of Spanish exploration and abuse” (Pratt 504). He wants the Indies to be a partnership of Inca and Spanish leaders. If the people in Jena had a partnership between blacks and whites a situation like this could be avoided. In this situation the white people are dominant and blacks are the minority. This type of discrimination is a contact zone because the white person is trying to take advantage of the blacks. The community is of white majority, which also gives them an advantage. Racism is a principle that a person’s skin color is the main determinant in what kind of person they are. Discrimination is an act against a person or
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group of people that is prejudice against them. Racism and discrimination are two things I have never been able to accept. The Jena Six is a group of strong boys who went through this unnecessary event. I did not know that racism was still going on like this in the United States. I knew there would always be racist people in the world, but I did not know it was this bad. The Jena Six, like many other minorities, are being taken advantage of; they show that racism is still very alive today. No one should be treated unfairly because of the color of their skin, or the language they speak, or the friends they have, or they sex that they are. Everyone should be treated equally and fairly. In the story of these boys, they are definitely not treated equally; they are treated unfairly
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eng paper 3 - The Racism and Discrimination is Still Here...

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