mortakis_jamie_rocket - ALTITUDE & VELOCITY PREDICTOR...

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AltVel.xls MS Excel 2003 Version: `1.0 Date: Sep. 2005 Title Test rocket Motor average thrust F = 100 lb. Motor total impulse It = 80 lb-sec. Motor propellant weight mp = 0.85 lb. Input Data Rocket dead weight mr = 6 lb. Rocket diameter (max) D = 2.5 inch Rocket drag coefficient Cd = 0.4 Motor thrust time t = 0.8 sec. Rocket avg. flight w mra = 6.43 lb. Burn and Weight Acceleration a = 501 feet/sec2 or a = 15.6 g's Peak altitude z2 = 2334 feet Time to peak altitude t2 = 12.5 sec. Max velocity v1 = 375 feet/sec. resistance) Burnout altitude z1 = 150 feet Drag Influence number
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This note was uploaded on 06/01/2010 for the course COMM 308 taught by Professor Durbin during the Spring '10 term at WVU.

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mortakis_jamie_rocket - ALTITUDE & VELOCITY PREDICTOR...

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