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Comm 306 Paper 2 - Jamie Mortakis Communications 306 The...

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Jamie Mortakis Communications 306 The movie “Wall Street” was a film about a man named Bud Fox who is trying to make it big in his business as a stockbroker. He is willing to do anything to be noticed and succeed more than his father who has worked at the same company for all his life. Bud tries to get in touch with Gorden Gekko who is a big business man with a lot of power. Once Bud and Gorden start working together, Gorden takes Bud under his wing and tries to show him more about the business. In since Bud is willing to do anything to get to the top he starts making decisions he normally would not make but does it to make more money. Throughout the movie Bud makes many decisions that he knows is not right but does decides to go along with them anyway. The ethical decisions start out small and start to become larger more illegal decisions. In the beginning of the movie one of the ethical decisions made by Bud was when he first started working with Gordon he went to his office and told him about Blue Star stocks to buy. Bud got the information from his father who works for the company so he knew what was going on with the company. I considered it an ethical decision because it is inside trading which is illegal. Some benefits from telling Gordon about the stock information was that Gordon could make a lot of money and continue to use him as his stockbroker. Another benefit was making money off of the information about Blue Star. One more benefit which is probably the most important one is by telling Gordon the information he got a chance to make himself look good and put himself out there for Gordon to see him as a good source of information. Some ethical penalties with his decision are he could go to jail because
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of information about the stocks. He could also loose his job and credibility as a stockbroker, but Bud did not think of the consequences because he was determined to get Gordon to notice him and want to work with him. Another ethical decision that Bud made in the movie was when him and Gordon started working together Gordon sent him out on a date with a prostitute. After a meeting they had together Gordon paid for the prostitute. When he was on his way out to dinner she started to give him a blow job which is an ethical decision because prostitution is illegal. It seems as if Gordon wanted to show him the perks of working with him. It was a decision that Bud could of denied by not going out with her but he wanted it. A benefit from having a sex with a prostitute was he was not paying for it Gordon was. Another benefit is that he got to have sex with no strings attached. Some of the ethical penalties associated with having sex with a prostitute are that it is illegal and they could have both
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Comm 306 Paper 2 - Jamie Mortakis Communications 306 The...

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