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Comm 306 Paper 1

Comm 306 Paper 1 - able to get out of the war early we...

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Jamie Mortakis Communication 306 May 31, 2009 Sean Horan Groupthink One of the symptoms that are most prevalent with General Motors is invulnerability. General Motors was overly confident and took many risks but not starting to build more fuel efficient smaller cars. Most people are trying to save money, and General Motors was not giving people an opportunity to save by selling SUV’s and Hummers. General Motors has also shown the symptom of rationalization, by making excuses. They went in front of Congress and tried to not take the blame for the fall of there company. They also showed morality by ignoring the ethical and moral consequences. If they would have built smaller more fuel efficient vehicles, they would not be falling. With General Motors groupthink played a big part. If they would have looked and saw what was going on then maybe they could have prevented what happened. The financial crisis in the United States is a sticky situation. If we would have been
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Unformatted text preview: able to get out of the war early we might not be in this situation right now. I am not really sure how we could have prevented this. The United States as a whole does not value money, and I believe that plays a big part in why we are in a finical crisis. Some changes that I would suggest to prevent this from happening again are the strategies to reduce groupthink from the book. I would try to here how everyone feels about a situation that one is deciding on. One needs to make sure that everyone agrees on the decision they are making. Another suggestion would be to make sure to understand the negative consequences of all decisions. I would try to make a specific decision-making process. I would make sure that people ask questions, questions make you realize the consequences, and the good things that can come from the decision you are going to make. Most of these changes are simple, if they use them in a smart way they could save the company from groupthink....
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Comm 306 Paper 1 - able to get out of the war early we...

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