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comm 308 paper 3 - Nonverbal Communication James Durbin...

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Nonverbal Communication James Durbin December 3, 2009 Jamie Mortakis
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Emotions are hard to determine. I still can not tell some of my close friends emotions when they are talking to me. Every person has a different way of expressing emotions. I express emotions pretty well; at least I think I do. Brittany had trouble figuring out a few of my emotions though. While using the expression “I love eating onions and anchovies for breakfast. They taste wonderful early in the morning.” The first emotion I used was happy which was easy for Brittany to determine. The second I used was surprise which she thought I was just happy again. The third emotion I used was fear, which she guessed scared so I figured that was close enough. While using the expression “I feel great when I flunk a major exam.” The emotions I used were disgust, sadness, and anger. She guessed anger correctly; I guess I use that emotion often. She had trouble determining disgust, which I had trouble using the emotion disgust. Sadness was the last emotion I used, and it was difficult for her to determine that too. The emotions that were easy for me to communicate were happy, anger, and fear. I feel like those emotions were easier for Brittany to determine and for me to portray. I
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comm 308 paper 3 - Nonverbal Communication James Durbin...

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