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Comm 308 paper 2 - Jamie Mortakis Communication 308 Some...

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Jamie Mortakis Communication 308 October 27, 2009 Some people like being touched. Touch is comforting, intimate, and can make a person feel happy and safe. Being touched by someone can make a person smile, cheer them up for one minute, and just turn a bad day around. It is even said that a person will heal faster with touch. I understand touching can be a good thing, but I on the other hand am not a person for touch. I only like to be touched when it is appropriate. A greeting and a goodbye are both acceptable touches to me. I believe I am not a touchy person because in my house affection was never really shown. We would hug occasionally or kiss on the cheek if we had not seen each other in a while. Other then those few moments we did not touch. We only hugged if someone passed away, and we only cried when that happened too. I do not technically mind being touched but too much is unnecessary. I get uncomfortable when people touch me doing conversation. I hate being touched when I am sleeping the most. I do not even let my boyfriend cuddle with me if I am sleeping or trying to sleep. I believe people touch me more then I touch them. Some people think it is funny to touch me. I tense up when someone touches me, especially when I do not see it coming. I am rather claustrophobic as well. I once passed out in the PRT because too many people were touching me. I mind being touched, but the people who I speak to the most know and understand my feelings about touch. They try there best to over touch me. My biggest thing though it hugging goodbye. I make sure I hug the people I care about
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goodbye. I lost my best friend, he was 22 years old, and I did not hug him goodbye before he die. I do not want that to ever happen again. The only people I like to touch are my family, my boyfriend, and my closest friends. I do not get to see my family very often, so I will normally greet my mother, father, and sister with a kiss on the cheek. The rest of my family will probably receive a hug. My mother’s father has hugged me one time in my whole life; it was after my
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Comm 308 paper 2 - Jamie Mortakis Communication 308 Some...

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