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Comm 308 exam review 2 - Exam 2 Review Sheet for Comm 308...

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Exam 2 Review Sheet for Comm. 308 For exam two, you should know the following concepts. You should be able to describe, define, and create examples for each idea below. Per your syllabus, exam questions will be in many formats including multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the blank, and essay. Your questions will be from chapters 5, 6, 7 and the unit on Gender. Chapter 5 Territoriality and types of territory o The presumptive claim by one or more people of a geographic area. Humans have need to claim Types of territory Primary o Territory considered exclusive domain of its owner Examples: legal; car, home, items Secondary o Associated with particular person or group who is frequently seen around it Example: seat in class Public o Open to anyone, seldom under the constant control of any one person or group Example: Park, street, beach, etc. Temporary occupancy and invasion and defense o Invasion Drastic and permanent encroachment in which the invader actually crosses the territorial boundaries Example: war o Contamination Rendering the territory of another person impure with respect to its definition and usage; permanent, leaving sometime behind Example: dog marking territory, tagging a wall o Violation Unwarranted use of someone’s territory; not permanent, not leaving anything behind Starting talking while someone else is trying to talk, taking up whole sofa Factors impacting our reactions o Who violated our territory? o Why did they violate it? o What type of territory was it? Primary, Secondary, Public o How was the violation accomplished? Have a key? o How long did the encroachment last? o Do we expect further violations? o Where did the violation occur?
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Methods for territory defense o Prevention Items which help prevent others from entering our space Markers: things we leave behind to mark our territory o Example: leaving can by slots at casino Labels: signs put up with your name on it; can identify owner o Example: office door o Reaction Encroachment reaction: When people get too close in face-to-face encounters we become physiological aroused Heart rate Galvanic skin responses Arousal carries with eye gaze, touch, and distance Once aroused we need to rate our responses as either positive or negative If our response is negative we may react by: Looking away Changing the topic Crossing our arms Cover up body parts Density vs. crowding o Density Refers to the number of people in a given space Example: actual numbers in territory o Crowding Crowding is a person’s perception of spatial relationships Crowding tends to increase as we perceive a decrease in our ability to control and influence our social and physical surroundings Factors that increase perceptions of crowdedness o Environmental factors Close on PRT Movie Theatre o Personal factors Personality Self-esteem Gender
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Comm 308 exam review 2 - Exam 2 Review Sheet for Comm 308...

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